1000 School Programme :: School List

Developing Thousand Secondary Schools to Establish an Efficient Network of Primary Schools.

The above programme is to be implemented in Eastern province in the beginning of 2012. Under this programme, secondary core schools as well as the surrounding feeder schools are going to be developed. And new primary schools are also going to be established if necessitated. There would be  possibility of having only two types of schools namely primary and secondary schools in future where as several types of schools exist at present.

As a result of this method secondary schools with high quality grade will be produced and the differences in achievement of high quality education within the country would be reduced. Further, equality in a good educational environment which provides well absorbing capacity and good attitude will be established throughout the country.

In this programme by which 1000 schools are going to be developed all over the country at the initial step ,85 schools including 12 National schools are selected from Eastern province to be developed at 2012. At the same time some new primary schools are also going to be established at the initial step.

Further it is pleasure to mention that, 16 Divisional secretariats divisions of Eastern province which do not possess any schools having science stream and 14 Divisional secretariats divisions of Eastern province which have only one school containing science stream may have the opportunity to obtain as a minimum of three schools having science stream in future through this programme.

Furthermore there is a chance to considering the 115 schools of Eastern province having total number of students less than fifty.

Selected Schools for 2012 :: Districtwise

Trincomalee District

Trincomalee District Core School List

Trincomalee District Feeder List



Batticaloa District

Batticaloa District Core School List

Batticaloa District Feeder School List


Ampara District

Ampara District Core School List

Ampara District Feeder School List